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Into Kildare Green Oak is an initiative which aims to promote sustainable practices that are in place in tourism and hospitality businesses in Kildare. Our Green Oak Leaf aims to build on international best practice and ensure we are all operating sustainably.

Let’s make Kildare a green tourism destination together!

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How can you get involved in our Green Oak initiative?

If you have already been accredited an eco–label from a sustainable organisation, (Green Hospitality and Sustainable Travel Ireland are some examples!) you are already eligible to receive our Kildare Green Oak Leaf accreditation on your listing. If you are interested in taking part but are unsure if you are eligible please do get in touch and we will work together to #MakeKildareGreen

How Into Kildare Green Oak works

Once you have gotten in touch to let us know your business is operating sustainably, we will add an eco-friendly tag to your listing, it’s that simple.

Benefits of the Into Kildare Green Oak initiative

Did you know that 78% of people are more likely to purchase a product that is clearly labelled as environmentally friendly (GreenPrint Survey, March 2021)? Let’s work together and show our visitors that we are a green destination. The initiative will include the recognition on our website as mentioned above as well as some training and awards to recognise your efforts, ideas on how we can improve our sustainability practises as a county and action plans we can follow together. We will share your Into Kildare Green Oak journey on our social media platforms to show our visitors your eco – friendly efforts!

Examples of some eco – friendly practises
  • Show public transport links and guides to encourage visitors to use them on your websites
  • Use locally sourced goods & link in with businesses nearby to prolong visitor journey in your area
  • Waste separation – ensure you are recycling, separating glass composting food waste
  • Energy – turn off lights and equipment when they are not in use
  • Try out some plastic free product
  • Introduce some plant based dishes on your menu
  • Plant a wild flower garden

Above are some examples of how we can make small changes in our business to make a big change in the world.

Sustainable accreditations recommended by Into Kildare:

Green Hospitality

Sustainable Travel Ireland

Fill out the form below and get involved!

Sustainable Tourism in Kildare

Tourism is a key industry and important economic sector in Ireland and plays a significant role in revenue generation. In order to protect the industry and create a sustainable future, it is proposed that Into Kildare would develop a sustainable tourism strategy that includes not only ecotourism but also manages tourism growth in a sustainable manner.

To promote sustainable tourism as means to create jobs, protect tourism assets and support the wider community.

Into Kildare will be the most sustainable tourism board in Ireland as represented by its members from the tourism and hospitality industry.


  • Highlight and promote sustainable tourism practices
  • Raise awareness of sustainable tourism to industry and visitors
  • Support the protection of the cultural and natural heritage in the County
  • Set out clear measures, timelines and outcomes in a Sustainable Tourism Policy and identify how progress will be measured and monitored

How will this be achieved
By aligning with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to identify and carry out specific actions that will have a positive impact on sustainable tourism in County Kildare, Into Kildare will look at three pillars:

  1. Economic – benefits to businesses
  2. Social – impact on the local community
  3. Environment – development and protection of eco-tourism

The actions and activities will have short and long-term goals with clear objectives that can be measured and key metrics along the way to measure progress and success.

The UN SDGs, which focus on the long-term goals, and will meet the needs of these pillars are:

10. Reduced Inequalities: making tourism accessible for all

  • Working with the relevant stakeholders to encourage visitor sites to be accessible for visitors with reduced mobility, sight, hearing etc.
  • Promotion of free/low-cost activities for visitors/locals to access

11. Sustainable Cities & Communities: preservation of cultural and natural heritage assets

  • Promote the message to use local, by supporting Kildare businesses this in turn supports the local economy
  • Support the development of new and existing tourism products that seek to preserve cultural and natural heritage

15: Life on Land: conserve and preserve biodiversity

  • Promote the development of sustainable walking and cycling routes such as Greenways & Blueways and influence decisions to ensure they are sustainable products
  • Encourage visitors to visit the full county and promote off-peak and shoulder season to avoid ‘over tourism’